Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hawaii Trip Summer 2012

Here's a few videos of our summer trip to Hawaii from last year

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Europe Trip Part 1 (Spain)

After graduation, Phil and I took a 2 week trip to Europe. We visited a few cities from Phil's mission in Spain including Barcelona, Valencia, Murcia, and Lorca. We then spent a week in Italy and visited Rome, Florence, and Pisa.


Sagrada Familia:

Seafood Paella:



Phil's friends (Jorge, Blanca, and Kevin) that he taught on his mission:

Phil's friend Oscar:


City of Arts and Sciences. We went to the aquarium and IMAX.

Spanish horchata. The most delicious drink ever!


Our BYU journey is over! Phil graduated with a Bachelors in Exercise Science and I graduated with a Bachelors in Information Systems

Also, the guy who announced us butchered both of our names. He said "Phillick Isaac Johnson" and "Mary Duhmahris Johnson"

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Since we've been married, Phill and I have been on 4 Carnival cruises. The first was our honeymoon, the next two were with pest control company that Phil works for, and the last was with the Johnson family. We officially love cruises and we will never get tired of them.


Reliant Pest Control:

Johnson Family Cruise:

The Johnson boys performed "In the Still of the Night" for the cruise talent show and they were a hit! This made the family celebrities during the rest of the cruise.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

First Post!

No, I have not had this blog for six months and am just making my first post!

We started off the holiday season with Halloween and my birthday!

Our tradition (as of last year) is to go to the pumpkin patch at the red barn and pick out our pumpkins! It was perfect weather and we loved it!

Biggest pumpkin ever! but really.

Our pumpkins turned out so cute! Phil is the master and did the one on the right-but i don't think mine turned out too bad either.

For Halloween we went as Nacho libre, and white trash prego. That faint hint of a bruise on my eye... oh yeah its from Phil :)

Just a few photo's from my birthday! The big 23! Phil threw me a surprise party on Friday and alot of our really good friends came! I wish I had pictures! Anyway Syd and Nick decorated the apt and it was just wonderful. the next day Phil took me out to P.F. Chang's! (fancy) and we played games with Chris and Rachael.

The most delicious cupcake ever! Raspberry, cheesecake and Nutella- even Phil liked it!

I dyed my hair brown again! After many failed attempts at going blonde, I finally just went back to my roots!

So that's what we have been up to lately. Hopefully I will one day make another post :)


Phil & Mary